Therapeutic Injection Techniques

Neural Therapy (NET)

Nerves need to flow freely for optimal body function to occur. When nerve flow is interfered with, then the nervous system regulation of connected body parts is compromised. This compromise can result in poor function, pain, disability and disease. The purpose of neural therapy is to unblock the interference to normal functioning by using very specific injections into the areas of disturbance. It is a gentle healing technique developed in Germany in the 1920′s and has been widely used in Europe since the 1940′s.

Any stress on the body, whether physical, psychological or toxic will activate the sympathetic nervous system and create what is referred to as “a fight or flight response”. This could be the result of a car accident, surgery, emotional distress, fear, toxic exposure and any threat or perceived threat of possible injury or threat to life. In a natural healing response, once the stress is removed the nervous system should reset itself. Unfortunately, for many people modern life presents a continuous stream of stressors resulting in little or no chance for the body to return itself to normal. Areas in the body can become locked into a constant fight/flight or freeze state creating an interference field that can last for years, interfering with the normal nervous system regulation of the body. A very common example would be whiplash.

Neural therapy is very effective in treating a wide variety of conditions by using injections into nerve sites, acupuncture points, scars, muscle trigger points and other tissues to relieve pain and dysfunction throughout the body. The injections contain sterile homeopathic medicines and or procaine.

The sites of injection are determined by your individual history of trauma, surgery, and location of symptoms and autonomic patterns. Injections into nerve points can be uncomfortable while injections into acupuncture points might prick a little. Scar treatment may be painful and trigger point treatments by their nature are injections into an already tender area; in this case, short painful twitch responses are actually a good sign. No matter the level of discomfort it is gone almost immediately.

It usually takes about three to six sessions to determine what benefit neural therapy will have on an individual. However, it is not unusual to experience immediate relief after the first treatment that can last for a few hours to a few days. Responses are as unique as the individual being treated. Over the course of treatment, there is a gradual long-term improvement.

Temporary mild bruising may occur and may be unavoidable especially with scar tissue and occasionally with trigger point treatment. Sometimes an injected trigger point may hurt for a day. This can be relieved with an ice pack.

Some patients feel temporarily light headed. On occasion, some patients report that they felt worse for a few days after treatment. Each person has an individual response. With some treatments emotional blocks are released and strong emotional resonses may occur. This is a healthy positive sign. Report any effects to you doctor.

Neural therapy can be easily used in conjunction with other therapies.


In Bio-puncture small doses of injected biological products stimulate the natural healing processes. These micro doses “wake up” mechanisms which are available anyway, so the healing effect comes from “inside” your body – not from the products themselves. It is the reaction of your immune system which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing.

Most bio-puncture injections are given under the skin or into the muscles. Examples of biological products commonly used are Arnica for muscle pain, Echinacea to increase the natural defense system of the body and it is not uncommon for a blend of natural products to be mixed together to create a specifically designed cocktail for a patients’ individual needs. And because micro-doses and not high concentrations of the substances are used, side effects are very unlikely.