Chances are, if you have a body, Naturopathic Medicine can help you.


Naturopathic Medicine helps with practically all symptoms and health conditions because it does what other forms of medicine usually don’t do, it treats the whole person. What it actually means to treat the whole person is something that you will hopefully learn about within this website. Most of the time, when somebody goes to a health care practitioner, either “western” or “alternative”, they end up getting labeled with a “diagnosis”. From there, the usual practice of medicine proceeds by giving a “magic pill” or some other therapy that the particular practitioner happens to know. This tends to remind some of the old expression “when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.”

The perspective of Naturopathic Medicine is different from this traditional approach in several important ways. First, while its important to have a proper diagnosis, naturopathic physicians understand that we also have to look to each individual’s expression of disease. Sometimes different people have very similar looking symptoms for very different reasons. We aim to understand and treat the reasons why individuals get disease, not just a cook-book approach according to your “diagnosis”.

Secondly, naturopathic doctors are trained in several forms of therapy, so they are able to match the strength of the therapy to the need of each patient. Having different types of medicines in “the toolbox” can be extremely valuable, especially when one type of treatment has reached its limit in helping. But perhaps most importantly, naturopathic doctors stress prevention and optimal health. Knowing that a truly healthy body is less susceptible to disease is a core principle that helps a naturopathic doctor decide on intelligent treatment and help patients live better as a whole!

So, can Naturopathic Medicine help you? Most definitely!

How can it help you – by building up your body in the ways it needs in order to function its best! When the body is functioning at its best, “disease” doesn’t need to be expressed!