Naturopathic medicine is truly integrative in the sense that it has incorporated several forms of medicine into its practice. The common theme to all these forms of medicine is that they tend to build up the body and co-operate with natural physiological processes.

Some Naturopathic Doctors will tend to focus their practice on one or two of these “modalities”. Dr Hughes prefers what is known as an “eclectic” approach in which each of these modalities is recognized as having both strengths and weaknesses. In Dr Hughes’ view, the “art” of naturopathic medicine involves matching the strength of each of these modalities to the need of each person. In this way, the best outcomes result!

You can click on each of a following for an overview of the modalities that are traditionally associated with naturopathic medicine;

Clinical Nutrition

Using specific diet and supplemental protocols to enhance our cellular function and maximize our body’s defense mechanisms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

An elegant, time-honored system of medicine that respects the energetic as well as physical aspect to our being. Being board certified in Chinese Medicine and having a Chinese Medicine Doctor as a parent means that Dr Hughes has had the opportunity to fully integrate this wise system of medicine into his practice.

Homeopathic Medicine

The use of minute amounts of natural substances that stimulate the body’s own self-healing capacity and are specific to the totality of essence of each person.

Biotherapeutic Drainage

A form of treatment aimed at supporting the body’s natural routes of eliminating toxicity and enhancing the cellular function of the organs and tissues.

Botanical (Herbal) Medicine

Plant substances are combined and used for their healing effects and nutritional value. Herbal combinations are selected on the basis of which organs and areas of the body need support in healing.

NET – Neuro Emotional Technique

Using a biofeedback tool, this technique identifies and corrects subconscious patterns that have been affecting the physical & emotional health of the individual. NET seeks to normalize neurological imbalances using a physical correction.

Clinical Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body medicine allows us to engage our mind to improve the function of our body. Dr Hughes has a particular interest in this field and has been trained in clinical mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Structural & Physical Therapies

The use of joint manipulation to correct disorders of the skeletal system that can arise due to stress or trauma.

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a gentle therapy that works on muscles & tendons and allows the body to “reprogram” how it holds itself. Great for pain relief!

Neural Therapy & Bio-Puncture

With the use of small injections into specific locations around the body, these therapies can allow for many clinical benefits from pain relief to aiding in fatty tissue reduction!

Intravenous Therapies

I.V. Therapies allow for large doses of medicines to enter directly into the blood stream, which can mean dramatic benefit for immune support, cancer and chronic diseases!