About Dr. Hughes Bio

Dr Jason Hughes

Dr. Jason Hughes is a naturopathic physician who is truly passionate about helping people like you achieve greater health. Knowing that the word “doctor” means “teacher”, he strives to teach people how they can be well in body & mind.


Dr. Hughes was born in BC where his family has deep roots. However, having a father involved in high tech meant that his childhood was spent in many places. Living in so many different places opened his eyes to differing cultures and perspectives, something that became important in his view of medicine.

A common theme of his youth was involvement in sports. Soccer and skiing were personal favorites but Dr. Hughes’ true passion was martial arts. Dr. Hughes began his study of martial arts at an early age with Judo, but expanded his study to aikido, tai chi, boxing and kung fu. As a 2nd degree black belt in judo, he’s competed on an international stage successfully. Plans for the Olympics were derailed by an unfortunate motorcycle accident in his early twenties. Involvement in martial arts proved to be formative in many ways for Dr. Hughes, most notably in the interest of how we can reach potential through both our body and mind.


Being interested in how one can reach their potential led Dr. Hughes to create his own undergraduate degree. The program was entitled “bachelor degree with independent concentration” from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Hughes titled his particular degree “Psycho-Physiology” which reflected his study of Biology, Physiology, Exercise Science and Psychology. In truth the main motivation was to get a theoretical foundation of the sciences that affected one’s performance potential. Dr. Hughes knew that this degree was only the beginning of his knowledge quest and briefly considered becoming a Medical Doctor but decided against it because he didn’t see many Medical Doctors helping people reach potential with their health. Rather he saw most MD’s as getting people to a place where they just did not have symptoms anymore.

When he stumbled upon the field of Naturopathic Medicine, he saw it as a system of medicine that could help people reach their potential and realized his calling. Dr. Hughes completed his medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine , where he won several awards including being recognized for his clinical skills.

He also completed a postgraduate residency at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in general family practice. Upon completion of this residency, Dr Hughes was asked to remain on staff as a clinical supervisor and teacher to future naturopathic doctors. Dr Hughes takes great joy in being able to express the intricate concepts associated with medicine in ways that students and patients can understand and embrace.

Philosophy of Practice

In addition to the core principles of naturopathic philosophy, Dr Hughes is very well versed in what is known as Integral Theory. This philosophical approach informs how he practices in several important ways. Most notably Dr Hughes respects that all forms of medicine have an important piece of the truth to contribute to the overall picture of health. Knowing this he is better able to match the strengths of different types of medicines to the needs of people that come to see him. It also allows Dr Hughes to know the limits of the medicines he uses. This integral perspective allows for a system of medicine that encompasses more ways at looking at health issues and as a result is more effective!