Costs & Coverage

“Health is the greatest Wealth”
“If you don’t have Health… you don’t have anything”

Investing in good health is one of the wisest things that you can do for both your quality and quantity of life! In an effort to bring as much clarity to the exchange of money for services, we here at Maple Ridge Naturopathic Clinic would like to communicate great tips for saving money as well as some policies that we follow.

1) Naturopathic Medicine is covered by Most Extended Health Care Plans

A large percentage of the population has extended health care coverage through their employer. Often times people are covered by extended health care plans without even knowing it! These plans usually renew on a yearly basis each January, meaning that most people have a certain dollar amount per year that they can use towards Naturopathic medicine. Dr Hughes always encourages people to do a little research about the kind of extended health care coverage that they may have before coming to the clinic. He also encourages people to use their coverage before it expires on December 31st of each year!

Here are some key questions to ask of your provider;

a) What is the maximum amount per year that I can get covered for myself and my family?

b) Is there a limit to an initial visit consultion?

c) Is there a limit to follow up visit consultations?

d) Do you cover any naturopathic lab services?

2) Naturopathic Medicine is Tax Deductable for Self Employed people!

Just because you are self employed, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save with Naturopathic care!
Recent Revenue Canada (CRA) Federal legislation now allows business owners to fully tax deduct 100% of their naturopathic healthcare expenses as a business expense using a Health & Welfare Trust. You can also write off 100% of supplement expenses as well. Call 1-888-880-2266 for more information. Vancouver residents, please call 604-874-4429.

3) Fee Schedule & Payment

Due to the huge variety of treatment plans, labs required and natural health products used, we ask you to call the clinic to get the most accurate idea of costs.
Fees are due at the end of each visit. A receipt will be provided to allow you to be reimbursed by your extended health care provider, or to write off for tax purposes.

4) Missed Appointments / No Shows

The nature of Naturopathic Medicine is that its much more in depth than other forms of medicine. This often means that a great deal of time goes into the preparation of patient visits by Dr Hughes. When people don’t show up for visits, it not only means that space can’t be used for someone else, it also means that Dr Hughes could have used that preparation time in service to someone else.

We ask that if you need to change or cancel an appointment that you give 24 hours notice. This will allow us to fill the spot with someone else! Our policy is to charge 50% of the visit cost for late cancellations and no-shows.