Intravenous Therapies

Many patients of Dr. Hughes regularly utilize IV therapies as a preventive measure to boost their immune system to an optimal level of good health. IV therapies often provide highly effective results which may not be found in other therapies.

This therapy uses healthy and safe doses of natural vitamins, minerals and homeopathies, often tailored to the patient’s individual’s needs and are given to a patient intravenously through their circulatory system. This therapy bypasses gastrointestinal absorption and is able to achieve an extremely high blood concentration of nutrients beyond what is orally possible. By providing proper nutrition at a cellular level, the body’s own healing systems are stimulated.

Dr. Hughes also treats many patients with palliative illnesses to assist them in keeping their immune system in optimum states to help ensure the best quality of life possible.

Prescribing Authority

Dr. Hughes is a registered licensed naturopathic physician with prescribing authority. He can treat concurrently with conventional medicine and has considerable experience on the safe use of natural remedies alongside mainstream pharmaceuticals. He has the ability to successfully treat what conventional medicine considers irreversible conditions and as a naturopathic physician he always spends more time with his patient which allows him to monitor the patient more closely with drug-drug interactions.